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The re-use of recycled water from the recycling of unset concrete as mixing water for concrete is common practice in virtually all ready- mixed concrete plants in Germany. It is regulated by the “Guide- lines for the Production of Concrete using Recycled Water, Re- cycled Concrete and Recycled Mortar (Recycled Water Guidelines)” issued by the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb). The fact that these guidelines exclude the use of recycled water for concrete with high resistance to freeze-thaw attack with de-icing salt and for high-strength concrete is not based on proven detrimental effects of the recycled water. In fact this reservation should be understood as a lack of certification for the suitability of recycled water as mixing water for concretes with these special pro- perties.
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Jörg Rickert und Horst Grube, Düsseldorf

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