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Tradecc Case Study: Injection of joints at railbypass mechelen by use of Injection Hose

The project site - Pressure hoses to inject the resin

Problem description: A large scale project in the area of the railway station in Mechelen included the construction of a tunnel. The purpose of this tunnel was to let cars pass under the new railway, and the tunnel needed to be made waterproof.

To make the tunnel waterproof, the concrete joints of the tunnel were injected with PC® Leakinject UNI 6816 E, a single component MDI-based water reactive polyurethane resin. This resin has a low viscosity and forms a rigid hydrophobic seal when it comes in contact with water. It is used as a waterstop for the sealing of leakages or to stop active water leaks with a high flow. It penetrates deep, even into fine cracks, and will not shrink after curing.

To inject the polyurethane resin, the PC® injectra injection hose was placed into the concrete joints of the tunnel. This injection hose has a porous structure, and the cells of the hose open under pressure of the injection resin. This allows the injection resin to be uniformly spread. Every few meters pressure hoses connected to the injection hose emerged from the structure. These PC® Injectra pressure hoses were then connected to a single component pump that pumps the mixture of resin and catalyst via the pressure hoses into the injection hose and thus into the structure. During this project 2600m of injection hoses were injected with the PC® Leakinject UNI 6816 E.

Project: Railbypass Mechelen
Location: Mechelen, Belgium
Year of application: 2016
Contractor: ECC nv STAmechelen

TRADECC products

PC® Leakinject UNI 6816 E
1-component, polyurethane injection resin reacting in a semi-regid foam.
PC® Injectra injection hose
Injection hose with a porous structure and cells that open under pressure of injection resin.
PC® Injectra pressure hose
Transparent PVC hose that forms the end of the hose that comes out of the form work.

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