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Tradecc is ready to celebrate at Bauma 2019

PC Elastowell

From 8th till 14th April 2019, Tradecc will be showcasing its most recent innovations in construction chemicals for waterproofing, water sealing, tunneling, structural repair and reinforcement and coatings at Bauma, the world's largest trade fair in the construction industry. At booth C3.338, applicators, distributors and industry professionals can discover Tradecc’s products and solutions, such as PC CARBOCOMP Plus, the company’s patented multidirectional carbon laminates (CFRP).

"We look forward to Bauma 2019 as this is an exciting year for us,” shares Barbara De Neef, CEO of Tradecc. “Our company exists 50 years, our team has doubled, we have several product developments in the pipeline, our new storage depot will be operational soon and we have made some significant investments in new production equipment and robotisation. This will allow us to serve our customers even better with our in-house developed and custom-made products and solutions, with a view to achieving an even more solid position on the market.”

In recent years, the company has known a significant growth, with in 2018 an increase in revenue of 52% in comparison to 2016. “This confirms our growth strategy, R&D capabilities, product pipeline, and choice in partnerships,” says Annelies Vandermeulen, Export Manager at Tradecc. “Without our valued partners worldwide we could not have realized the same results. We look forward to meeting possible new partners, applicators and distributors at the trade fair. Especially for the Nordics, Africa and Asia we desire to engage with companies that are involved in infrastructure projects such as tunneling, road construction and retrofits of public and commercial buildings.”

Showcased products

PC® ELASTOSWELL: a hydrophilic swell strip, developed for the waterproofing of construction joints. It consists of a polymer swelling substance and will swell more than 10 times its volume. Even at a peak load of 10 bar, PC® ELASTOSWELL does not leak and keeps its shape, without splitting or cracking.

PC® 509 Rubber ACRYL: a five-component acrylate injection liquid with excellent toughness, elasticity and physical properties. This CE marked resin is specifically developed for injecting structures in which waterproofing imposes strict requirements on the physical properties of the gel masses.

PC® CARBOCOMP Laminates: used to increase the bending strength and capacity of structural elements, and to decrease the deformation of a construction or internal steel tension. The carbon fibre laminates are applied for the structural reinforcement of concrete, steel, wood and masonry. They are minimum five times stronger than steel, have high acid and alkali resistance and or easy to install. With its patented technology of multidirectional CFRP, Tradecc can offer an anchored system.

Through the collaboration with local partners, Tradecc’s products have been implemented in major infrastructure projects - such as the Sofia Metro in Bulgaria and the Doha metro in 
Qatar - or construction projects such as the strengthening of several public buildings worldwide. References include a water reservoir in Saudi Arabia and the Toronto Tower in Canada.

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"Tradecc is ready to celebrate at Bauma 2019"

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