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World Of Concrete presenta algunos de los productos destacados

VersaMax: Pump and Mixer System
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WOC 2022 ha sido el evento donde se han presentado todas las novedades que la pandemia impidió sacar a la luz. Este encuentro del hormigón ha sido el punto de arrance del sector del hormigón en 2022. A continuación mostramos algunos de los productos que se presentaron durante la celebración del World of Concrete 2022.

Hyflex has introduced VersaMax: Pump and Mixer System

Hyflex has introduced VersaMax, a diesel-powered, fully hydraulic pump and mixer system that helps eliminate common jobsite issues by eliminating gearboxes, clutches, and mechanical drive systems with a hydraulic system while providing a diesel option for projects without electric access.

VersaMax includes a Yanmar Tier 4 Final three-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine offering 24.7 hp at 2,200 rpm, eliminating the need for a particulate control or DEF system. Other features include a 22-gallon-per-minute/50-bags-per-hour fireproofing output, 1,500-psi recommended max working/adjustable pressure control, and capability to pump more than 1,000 feet horizontally and 50 stories vertically.
Hyflex Corp

Doosan: Crawler Excavator

Doosan’s newly designed DX140LCR-7 14-metric-ton crawler excavator boasts enhanced swing performance, increased fuel efficiency, and more operator comfort features. Among the enhancements are an electric transfer pump, centralized filters, a new fuel filler pump hose, remote door lock/unlock, improved airflow for more robust heating and AC, and easier-to-operate pedals. Its Smart Power Control feature optimizes fuel efficiency and provides proper rpm and torque to match the job. An optional 360-degree camera provides an all-around view of the worksite. The DX140LCR-7 offers 115 hp, 19’8” max digging depth, 28’ max digging reach, and 23’3” max loading height.

Gomaco: Battery-Powered Slipform Curb Machine

The CC-1200e is the industry’s first battery-powered slipform curb machine, according to GOMACO. The machine has a power-dense 48-VDC lithium-ion battery pack, resulting in zero-exhaust emissions, reduced vibration, and no engine noise. The batteries last for a full day of paving and charge in eight to 10 hours or on an optional two-hour fast-charge system. Features include a G+ control system with full-function radio remote control and rotary-sensored slew drive steering on front wheel assemblies for smoother paving, easier control, and maximum turning capability with the ability to slipform a 24” radius depending on mold profile. The hopper has a 19 ft3 capacity.

Sika is introducing SikaCem-190 Concrete Control

In February, Sika is introducing SikaCem-190 Concrete Control, a non-film-forming, low-VOC, amorphous colloidal silica topical additive for freshly placed concrete that helps maintain adequate moisture while reducing the risk of premature setting. According to the company, the product provides extended workability, lubricates the surface, reduces efflorescence, promotes proper hydration, improves abrasion resistance, reduces surface crazing, and other benefits. It is suitable for concrete slabs, driveways and sidewalks, parking garages, decorative concrete, industrial floor slabs, bridges and roads, and more.

Minnich Manufacturing: Control Speed Vibrator

Minnich Manufacturing introduced a new Control Speed Vibrator (CSV), a lightweight, durable, electric flex shaft concrete vibrator controlled via Bluetooth and the Minnich app on iOS or Android devices. Users can choose between three set speeds (6,000; 8,500; or 10,500 vpm) or open vpm; once selected, the device will maintain the speed as concrete load changes. Features include a 15-amp universal motor and soft start to reduce wear.

Splice Sleeve: Mechanical Rebar Coupler

New from Splice Sleeve North America, the NMB Slim-Sleeve for cast-in-place is a mechanical coupler for splicing rebar that uses a cylindrical steel sleeve filled with a Portland cement-based, non-shrink, high-early-strength grout. Reinforcing bars to be spliced are inserted into the sleeve and the interior of the sleeve is then filled with SS Mortar grout; no bar end preparation, such as threading, is necessary. Slim-Sleeve helps ensure structural integrity, provides load-path continuity as the reinforcement, acting as one continuous bar, and eliminates field-welding damage to concrete. According to the manufacturer, the Slim-Sleeve is the highest performance model recognized as Type 1 & 2 coupler by the ICC-ES with ESR-3141

PoreShield: Durability Enhancer

Created from a partnership between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Purdue University, PoreShield is a concrete durability enhancer that is absorbed deep below the concrete surface to protect from within against coastal salt and moisture damage and freeze/thaw and deicing damage. It can be used to protect and preserve new and existing concrete infrastructure, including PCCP joints, highways, bridges, buildings, pipes, and walkways. The company says university and DOT research found that PoreShield can extend the life of concrete by five to nine times and reduces calcium oxychloride formation by 90%. It also exceeds ASTM tests for freeze/thaw, salt scaling, and fluid/ion ingress. The product features more than 93% bio-content, is non-toxic, and is safe to use over waterways

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