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CIM, Concrete Industry Management, anuncia donación de Mack Trucks y McNeilus para subasta anual en World of Concrete - WOC

Mack Trucks y McNeilus para subasta anual en World of Concrete - WOC
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El programa de Gestión de la Industria del Concreto (CIM)— un programa intensivo de negocios que otorga a los estudiantes una licenciatura de cuatro años en ciencias en Concrete Industry Management— se complace en anunciar que uno de los elementos característicos de su subasta anual en World of Concrete es un Mack® Granite® GRFR 2023 donado por Mack Camiones y equipados con un mezclador McNeilus® FLEX ControlsTM BridgemasterTM donado por McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing.

Mack Trucks se complace en donar una mezcladora de granito Mack 2023 a la industria del concreto (CIM) nuevamente este año”, dijo Tim Wrinkle, Mack Construction Product Gerente. “Al igual que nuestros productos, la industria del hormigón es cada vez más avanzada tecnológicamente y complejo Nos sentimos honrados de ser una pequeña parte en la preparación de la próxima generación de líderes para un futuro que cambia rápidamente”.

“McNeilus se enorgullece de brindar apoyo continuo al programa CIM a través de este evento anual donación”, comentó Scott Mattmiller, Gerente General de McNeilus Mixers y London Maquinaria. “Este programa es crítico en el desarrollo de futuros líderes de nuestra industria al educar en tecnologías concretas y otras habilidades para una educación integral. McNeilus es comprometidos a ayudar a que la industria avance y sabemos que los fondos recaudados ayudarán a impulsar esa innovación y avance”.

*Nota: el camión y el cuerpo del mezclador que se muestran son solo para fines ilustrativos. Consulte 2023 especificaciones del camión de la subasta para conocer los detalles del producto.

“Una vez más, Mack Trucks y McNeilus han demostrado su apoyo al programa CIM”, dijo Ben Robuck, presidente del Comité de Subastas de CIM. “Esta donación dice mucho de su compromiso con la industria del hormigón y la importancia que estas empresas líderes dan a la programa CIM. Este camión mezclador ayudará a garantizar una subasta CIM exitosa en el World of 2023 Concreto."

La subasta anual se llevará a cabo el miércoles 18 de enero en el North Hall Room N262 de Las Centro de Convenciones de Las Vegas. Para obtener una lista completa de artículos, visite


The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program—a business intensive program that awards students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management—is pleased to announce that one of the signature items for their annual auction at World of Concrete is a 2023 Mack® Granite® GRFR donated by Mack Trucks and equipped with a McNeilus® FLEX ControlsTM BridgemasterTM Mixer donated by McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing.

Mack Trucks is excited to donate a 2023 Mack Granite Mixer to the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) auction again this year,” said Tim Wrinkle, Mack Construction Product Manager. “Like our products, the concrete industry is becoming more technologically advanced and complex. We are honored to be a small part in preparing the next generation of leaders for a rapidly changing future.

McNeilus is proud to provide continued support to the CIM program through this annual donation,” commented Scott Mattmiller, General Manager of McNeilus Mixers and London Machinery. “This program is critical in developing future leaders of our industry by educating them on concrete technologies and other skills for a well-rounded education. McNeilus is committed to helping move the industry forward and we know the funds raised will help drive that innovation and advancement.”

The truck is a Mack Granite 2023 GRFR mixer. Specifications include*:

  • Engine – Mack MP7-395C, 395 hp, 1550 lb. ft. torque
  • Engine Brake – Mack PowerLeash
  • Cleartech® One emissions system GHG21
  • Transmission – MACK mDRIVE HD 14 SP, Ultra-Low Creeper/ Multi-Speed Reverse
  • Wheelbase – 248-inch
  • Frame – STEEL – 300mm X 90mm X 9.5mm -- (11.81" X 3.54" X 0.37”)
  • Front Axle – Mack FXL20, 20,000 lb.
  • Rear Axle – Mack S462R, 46,000 lb., CRD 150/151 Mack Carrier, RAR 3.98
  • Driver Controlled Inter Wheel Differential Lock, all Rr. Axles w/Individual Switches
  • Rear Suspension – HMX460 Hendrickson Haulmaax Rubber Suspension 46,000 lb.
  • Tires: 425/65R22.5 L Michelin XZY3, 11R22.5 H Michelin X Works D
  • Brakes – Meritor “S” CAM 16.5"x6" front, 16.5”x7” rear Q+ drum
  • ABS – Mack Road Stability Adv.Bendix ABS/ATC/RSA with Yaw
  • Fuel Tank – LH 72 Gallon 26-inch Aluminum D-shaped
  • Interior – Trim level: Base Steel Gray
  • Paint Color –White; 900884
  • GuardDog Connect With 4G/LTE and WLAN system with diagnostic services


  • Full-color dash and instrument cluster with 5-inch copilot screen
  • Mack premium seats developed with Sears seating for best-in-class comfort and durability – Black Mordura
  • Power windows and locks, Self-cancelling turn signals
  • Flat bottom steering wheel with cruise and radio switches
  • Two-piece windshield
  • Alcoa – Clean Buffed Alum wheels
  • Aluminum flush bumper
  • Bright finish options: SCR cover, grill, air intakes, fuel tank
  • Bright Bulldog door mirrors heated and motorized
  • Stainless steel sun visor
  • RH/LH LED work light (steps & ground) on both sides of truck
  • Premium stereo, CD-player, MP3, weatherband, Bluetooth
  • Mixer Boc Xmber - steel rolled flanged for REPTO pump

The McNeilus FLEX ControlsTM BridgemasterTM Mixer includes:

  • FLEX ControlsTM Operating System
  • 11 YD3 M80 SeriesTM Drum with 46-inch paver opening
  • McNeilus Gold Package
    •        Fuel Saver powered by FLEX Controls to help save on fuel costs
    • GradeMasterTM to help ensure the load stays forward in the drum on inclines
    • Remote Water Add to help save time and add water from the cab
  • Flip-up Drop Hopper
  • Split Composite Water Tank 15/135-gallons
  • AutoLoad to allow operators to perform other tasks while they wait
  • Buildup Detection to detect buildup and help avoid overweight fees
  • Outfitted with an abundance of operator assurance features, many patented and exclusive to McNeilus
    • Lateral Protection Devices designed to help keep people out of the path of the truck’s rear wheels in the event of a side-impact collision.
    • Lightweight Aluminum Extension Chutes
    • Spring Chute Assist on foldover chute for an extra layer of protection for operators
    • Front and Rear Roller Guards to help protect operators from potential pinch hazards
    • Backup Camera
    • Two-Step Bumper with four grab handles for easy access
    • Ladder Assist for more control and help minimize pinch points
    • Ultimate Lighting Package with night pour lights, drum headlight and midship lights
    • Armrest with 3-Button Joystick for operator comfort
    • Orange Rock Blocker

Also Included with the mixer

  • Delivery from Las Vegas to anywhere in lower 48 states
  • Sll FET tax paid
  • Mack extended warranty, 60 months/250,000 miles (Engine Plan 2, exhaust aftertreatment system, engine towing)

*Please note: Truck and mixer body shown are for illustration purposes only. Refer to 2023 auction truck specifications for product details.

Once again Mack Trucks and McNeilus have demonstrated their support for the CIM program,” said Ben Robuck, CIM Auction Committee Chairman. “This donation speaks volumes to their commitment to the concrete industry and the importance these leading companies place on the CIM program. This mixer truck will help ensure a successful CIM Auction at the 2023 World of Concrete.”

The annual auction will be held Wednesday, Jan. 18 in the North Hall Room N262 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. For a full list of items, please visit

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