SBM Mineral Processing supplies integrated system ensuring sustainable mineral processing and concrete production directly on site

The heart of on-site concrete production – the EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE.
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Thanks to its enormous output capacity of up to 145 m³/h hardened concrete and its outstanding “mobility” EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE is the first choice for a challenging infrastructure project in the Tyrolean Alps.


Thanks to its enormous output capacity of up to 145 m³/h hardened concrete and its outstanding “mobility” EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE is the first choice for a challenging infrastructure project in the Tyrolean Alps. To produce the better part of the required raw materials, i.e., the concrete aggregates, on site, GRAVEX - SBM’s container-mobile processing, washing, and separating system - will go into action for the first time. The modular design of the mobile SBM plants facilitates producing aggregates and concrete in a resource-efficient way at 2,000 m above sea level.

Obtaining lots of energy from little water – this is one of the great advantages of the power plant group Sellrain-Silz operated by TIWAG (Tyrolean Hydropower Group). To make even better and more efficient use of these power plants they will be expanded by the storage power station Kühtai consisting of three plants: the new Kühtai reservoir, the pumped-storage hydropower plant Kühtai 2, and a diversion tunnel with six water catchments in total. Thanks to this expansion around 216 million kWh p.a. of power coming from natural inflow can be generated additionally and exactly at the time when they are needed. This means that the strongly changing energy needs can be satisfied at any time and that the natural fluctuations of other renewable energies like wind and sun can be flexibly balanced.

The SBM mobile overall concept will be installed in 3 stages. At the beginning of the construction works in April 2021 the supermobile concrete mixing plant EUROMIX® 2000 coming from the existing plant equipment of Mobile Betonkonzepte GmbH was installed without foundation to produce the concrete required for the infrastructure. The necessary aggregates are dry-processed by track-mounted SBM crushing and screening plants.

In stage 2 SBM will deliver the new EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE together with an aggregate storage for about 400 m³ storage capacity which is carried out as a container-mobile overhead hopper. In stage 3 the concrete mixing plant will finally be completely connected to the mobile mineral processing plant GRAVEX facilitating continuous supply of high-quality concrete with aggregates produced directly on site from autumn onwards.

Thanks to the mineral processing concept GRAVEX the excavation material pre-crushed to 0/2 mm can be washed, classified, separated from the fines, and stored in winter-proof boxes. To integrate the required 2 screening machines (2-deck and 2.5 deck) into the container-mobile concept, SBM’s elliptical vibrating screens with digital drive synchronisation will be deployed for the first time. These sophisticated screens allow space-saving horizontal installation in the container modules as well as infinite setting of the vibration characteristics which ensures optimum adaptation to the different customer requirements. To ensure the right ratio of gravel and sand at any time, a SBM V8 vertical impact crusher processes the oversize fractions to cubic sand at low wear.

Once again SBM Mineral Processing scores with the know-how and expertise of a well-experienced global player in the fields of mineral processing and concrete mixing technology. Due to the perfect interaction of the individual components SBM provides a production cycle ensuring maximum sustainability and ecological responsibility right from the start of the construction phase.

Facts and figures

  • Reservoir Kühtai: dam with 6.7 million m³ bulk volume, 510 m crest length and113 m dam height
  • Diversion: ca. 25 km tunnel
  • Power plant / powerhouse Kühtai 2: 80,000m³ underground excavation material and 4 km tunnels
  • Concrete quantity: more than 200,000 m³

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