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EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE made by SBM: This supermobile concrete mixing plant is a true all-rounder

EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE Concrete mixing

The large building project of the Munich educational campus requires the executing construction firm Pfeiffer Bau to deliver precise construction work scheduling as well as a high-performance concrete mixing plant. With this project the building company trusts in the supermobile concrete mixing plant EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE made by SBM Mineral Processing. This plant ensures uncompromising production of different concrete varieties– environmentally friendly and regardless of weather conditions. Every hour and in all weather conditions this mixing plant supplies up to 145 m3 hardened concrete at the Bavarian building site in 24/7 continuous operation.

For already more than 10 years there has been a very successful partnership between Pfeiffer Bau, a subsidiary company of the Austrian construction company Ing. Hans Bodner, and the Austrian plant manufacturer SBM Mineral Processing. SBM Mineral Processing is one of the internationally leading full-package suppliers of mineral processing and concrete mixing plants, and SBM concrete technology expertise is highly valued in the market.

The Pfeiffer Bau “truck fleet“ consisting of 18 machines including already five supermobile concrete mixing plants of the series EUROMIX® was even further expanded to meet the demands of the large building project at the future Munich educational campus. In spring 2020, SBM delivered a plant EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE, a mobile processing plant for residual concrete, and a mobile heating plant.

The modular combination of these three plants ensures smooth and simple flow of construction activities regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the “supply from a single source” SBM guarantees optimum co-ordination of all interfaces – as all plants act like in a closed-circuit-system.

Especially the recycling plant for residual concrete is an economically important and environmentally friendly supplement of the concrete mixing plant. There, the used washing water is processed for the truck mixer and the mixer cleaning, and the residues gained are fed back into the concrete production.

Pfeiffer Bau especially appreciates the reliable quality provided by the Austrian concrete mixing plants: “Due to our long-term co-operation we know about the sophisticated construction of SBM plants. At this project EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE provides for the greatest possible mixing performance – we are talking about a hardened concrete output of up to 145 m3 per hour – and at the same time minimum maintenance requirements and low wear are assured,” says Manfred Kronbichler, Managing Director of Pfeiffer Bauges.m.b.H. “This was the reason why Pfeiffer Bau opted for these Austrian plants”, explains Mr Kronbichler offering further insights: “Easy and simple handling, short co-ordination channels and the professional service convince us each and every time.”

EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE in continuous operation

Since March 2020, the new SBM mobile concrete plant has been working for the German Pfeiffer Bauges.m.b.H. for the construction of the educational campus. Among others, the following will be built at the new 15-hectare area in the east of Munich: a secondary school, a grammar school, the district headquarters of the adult education centre (VHS), as well as a sports park with two triple sports halls and a school swimming bath. For this huge Bavarian building project concrete is the most essential building material to erect the building shells and to install the composite steel girders.

“Every day our team uses large quantities of this composite material “just-in-time” right on the construction site. Perfectly interacting building site and material logistics are of utmost importance due to the extremely short construction time of 14 months only. To be able to realise a project of this dimension you need a plant ensuring reliable production in all weather conditions. Our EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE is working around the clock in winter as well as in summer,” says Mr Kronbichler.


Various types of concrete are used for the building of the Munich educational campus. Challenging demands are made on the construction material concrete – starting with standard structural concrete for the school buildings through to special concrete for the swimming bath. Therefore, excellent expertise in concrete production is crucial for the successful implementation of such a huge building project. These varying requirements are no problem at all for the very flexible plant EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE. “This plant is our mobile “all-rounder”. It can produce all mixtures covered by the concrete standard (EN 206) meaning more than 1,000 concrete recipes,” emphasizes SBM project manager Ing. Gerhard Gschwandtner the versatile performance supplied by this plant. It is easy and simple to import these exactly calculated mixing relations into the system of the SBM plant at any time. This was also a decisive issue for Pfeiffer Bau to opt for this plant. The in-house concrete technology department of the company Pfeiffer Bau is responsible for the ideal concrete recipes at the building site in Munich.


The outbreak of Covid-19 that happened at the same time as the start of construction in March 2020 could be mastered successfully, affirms Mr Kronbichler: “The Corona pandemic was for all of us both at Pfeiffer Bau and at SBM unforeseeable and very difficult to assess. Together we managed to successfully master this challenge. The SBM team supported us in the best possible way: both on site with the assembly, on the phone and virtually. “

About SBM Mineral Processing

SBM Mineral Processing GmbH located in Oberweis (Upper Austria) is one of only a few international full-package suppliers for mineral processing and concrete technology. This year, the company with currently some 160 employees will celebrate its 70th anniversary. At the sister company MFL in Liezen, Styria, where logistics and manufacture are located, another 30 SBM employees are working. Thus, SBM does not only create jobs, it also ensures sustainable and lasting added value in the regions.

SBM is part of the MFL Group that is globally represented by subsidiaries and sales representatives in 50 countries and has more than 1,000 employees. The companies of the MFL Group specialise in engineering and manufacturing of machines, plants, and components. Central manufacturing takes place at the 220,000 m2 large MFL company area in Liezen. Among others, the mineral processing and concrete mixing plants of SBM are produced there.

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